Saturday, July 21, 2012

The only good skeeter is a dead skeeter

Summer is upon us, and that means so are mosquitoes. As a last resort swatting them works OK, but they may have already sucked your blood before you squash them so you'll still be scratching. Clearly a ranged skeeter killing device is what is needed.

Thankfully scientists have been working on just such a weapon system. The two videos above show it in action. It tracks mosquitoes, differentiating them from other insects snd it even can tell the females, which are the blood suckers, from the males. Then -- Zaaaap!!! Scratch one skeeter.

It seems like technological overkill, but then again skeeters are obnoxious little critters and if anything deserves technological overkill it is them. I just hope that The Robotolizer doesn't get wind of the system. No need to give him/it any ideas.   

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