Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maggie's Farm

Maggie's Farm
Hopefully you know that the above image is in the banner of the blog Maggie's Farm, because that will mean you visit it. If not, they're requesting we recommend them. As they describe themselves:
We are a boutique website I spose, but I continue to believe that there are millions out there somewhere who would enjoy - or benefit from - our eclectic mix of stuff.

As I always say, a growing readership is our only reward here on the Farm. Well, the fun of doing it also helps.

We try to stay 30% political or less, and to post political things the MSM doesn't want people to read. We are, in fact, centrist and common-sensical, and lots of Libs read us. We have never been categorized as a political website despite our traditional American tendencies.
They've been in out blogroll since Flares started, and have been a daily read of mine for years, so I have no problem making that recommendation. By the way, like Flares they're old school in that they have no ads or tip jar.

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