Monday, August 27, 2012

Pune wins EFLI's Elite Bowl

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As reported by EFLI fans, which is the go to site for EFLI (Elite Football league of India) news, the Pune Marathas defeated the Dehli Defenders 6-0 to win EFLI's first championship. 

The pictures on this page of the Elite Bowl action are from's Facebook gallery There are many more at the link. I particularly liked the bottom two pictures, which show the pomp with which they brought the Elite Cup onto the field. Hehehe... take that NFL, all you have is that washed-up, has-been Madonna for your half-time show.

Looking through some of the pictures over there, it appears that there is a might bit of holding going on in EFLI games. I wonder what the differences in officiating are like?

Fortunately, we may be able to find out for ourselves because 10 Sports has finalized the broadcast rights for EFLI. they'll start broadcasting the tape delayed games from this season sometime in September, with games shown on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. They had earlier talked about streaming the games -- hopefully that is still in the works.

The next season is planned to kick-off in November. I think they'll have more teams for that season, but still no word if my beloved Chennai Swarm are going to rise from the dead.

They'll also signed an agreement with a company called Topkat Global to sell EFLI merchandise. The Store link at the EFLI site is down, so I assume they're working on it.

At any rate, congratulations to Pune for winning the Elite Bowl and congratulations as well to the rest of the EFLI players, coaches, staff, refs, front office and league officials for pulling together their first season. 


OMMAG said...

Where's the elephants and the ceremonial trumpets ... and cymbols ....

ambisinistral said...

Cymbals and ceremonial trumpets would be nice. I don't know about elephants though. Too many elephants on the field before the game might make the footing of the Snow Bowl look good by comparison.

Chris said...

In honor of the Bangalore Warhawks, I have named a couple of my fantasy teams the Bangalore Torpedoes.