Monday, December 12, 2005

Air Quality Set to Improve in California Tomorrow

Gov. Schwarzenegger roundfiled Mr. William's appeal for clemency today - very justifiably. Mr. Williams deserves neither pity nor contempt. He was a stone cold sociopath who murdered his way into a position of leadership of a group of thugs who should themselves be sitting in Q. Perhaps not on The Row but certainly within sight of it.

Tonight Mr. Williams shall reap the full measure of what he has sown.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to the families of his victims who have waited overlong for justice to be served.


Doug said...

Wouldn't we be able to better understand the root causes of all this by not putting this *human* to death?
That is the way to social harmony.

At least that's what "Christian Leaders" are recommending in Sidney:

"We must look to the root causes of this social disharmony, seek authentic information about them and deal with those matters," he added.
. CNN .
I heard he wrote children's books.
How Sweet.

Doug said...

"The odd thing is,that they never repent before they get caught. "
But they never repeat once they are executed.
This gentleman never co-operated with the police in curbing more gang violence, but that was balanced by the kids books, I guess.

Anonymous said...

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Rick Ballard said...

It is truly a shame that the faux empaths begging for Mr. William's life cannot be offered the opportunity of spending a little quality time with him and the pack of predators that he led. Even a little time with the survivors of encounters with his pack would be illustrative, although breakthroughs on the part of people that stupid are quite rare.

Now if they can just get Mumia to the same place...

Doug said...

One way or another, he'll eventually get there, Rick.

Unknown said...

I just hate when Hollywood gets in the middle of something like this and turns it into a circus.

I am ambivalent about the death penalty, but if ever a guy had it coming, it is this guy.

I wonder how many young black men died after joining the Cribs.

ex-democrat said...

tookie didn't count on meeting the terminator.

Doug said...

Nice of the MSM to Depersonalize Victims into Anonymity.
(With help of a quarter century delay by the "Justice" System.)
. Tookie's Nights Work .
. The Rest of the Story

Doug said...

Deputies Not Keeping Pace With L.A. Gangs .

Gang-related homicides are up more than 30% this year in areas under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, but the department's countywide gang enforcement team is substantially smaller than it was three years ago and remains chronically understaffed.

For many years the department dealt with significantly less gang crime than police in the city of Los Angeles. No more. At least half of the homicides in sheriff's territories are now gang killings, about the same level as in the city. Statewide, gang violence accounts for about 16% of all homicides.