Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Is the US under (cyber-) Attack?


A systematic effort by hackers to penetrate US government and industry computer networks stems most likely from the Chinese military, the head of a leading security institute said.

The attacks have been traced to the Chinese province of Guangdong, and the techniques used make it appear unlikely to come from any other source than the military, said Alan Paller, the director of the SANS Institute, an education and research organization focusing on cybersecurity.
Bruce Schneier says:

There seems to be a well-organized Chinese military hacking effort against the U.S. military. The U.S. code name for the effort is "Titan Rain." The news reports are spotty, and more than a little sensationalist, but I know people involved in this investigation -- the attackers are very well-organized.

I don't know anything in particular about this, and tend to take press reports about "cyberwar" and "hackers" with a good bit of salt, but Schneier knows everyone and is not notable for having his hair catch fire without good reason.


chuck said...

You might want to go read this post too.

MeaninglessHotAir said...

I was just about to post this myself. Read this comment from Bruce Schneier himself:

There's not a lot of facts out in public; much of the investigation is classified. I believe the people I know who have been involved in the case. It's much more organized than even the news articles imply, and there is no doubt that this is state sponsored.

Coming from Bruce Shneier, who is the dean of computer security and an old hippy to boot, I believe it.

Luther said...

I really have no doubt that such as this is going on. My paranoid side thinks that many 'sleepers' are being set. Some time ago and for a while I track-backed touches on my system (just a joe blow) and found a significant portion were coming from that province. This is truly scary stuff, at least for me. Hope our boys are on the ball.

Anonymous said...

Guangdong province was always a hotspot for telecom fraud when I was in the fraud-spotting business. The folks who knew such things attributed it to organized crime in the area.

Charlie Martin said...

The distinction between "organized crime" and the People's Army is a philosophical subtlety that might be a little difficult to resolve.

buddy larsen said...

But at least it ain't the Clinton Administration, when they had offices all over the country with doors lettered

"Chinese Spy Operations
--top dorrar for miritary secrets--"