Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Your Own, Personal, Weather Station

Have you ever watched the news and seen the weather in Indianapolis or Denver, knowing perfectly well that your own town is too far away for the official weather station to be very useful? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have fine-grained knowledge of the weather in each little area? Have you ever wished the official weather station were right in your own neighborhood? Now it is! Brought to you through the magic of Google Maps and its A(pplications)P(rogramming)I(nterface). (Type your Zip Code in the box.)

I had no idea there were these little micro weather stations all over the place. Amazing.


Morgan said...

Now I feel the need to know how much of the variance between stations is real and how much is measurement error. Will this learning never end!

Morgan said...


It's freezing here in mo. Must be colder than a witch's briches in mi.

Morgan said...

er... "britches"