Saturday, December 24, 2005

An Exhausting, Exciting, Joyous Saturnalia

Or whatever newfangled holidays you might be celebrating. — Seneca


Doug said...

The Devil Made Me Do It.
Hanoi Jane

Doug said...

This Celebration Funded by George Soros:

The writer, a former Democratic senator from South Dakota, was Senate majority leader in 2001-02. He is now distinguished senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.
Center for American Progress

Ex-Senator Tom Daschle, now a senior fellow at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP),weighs in on the NSA kerfuffle, indicating that even right after 9/11, Senate Democrats tried to tie the President’s hands at preventing terrorist attacks:

Doug said...

On a more positive note, don't miss Wretchard's latest on our great young officers/ambassadors in Iraq.
But he'll remember, with advantages ...

buddy larsen said...

That "Center for American Progress" site contains more argument-from-false-assumption than Scrappleface. But, it ain't no joke.

Tom Daschle is one of smoother utter and complete liars ever to succeed in subverting from such a high political level. These folks are bad news. I do not know what they're after but it ain't good.

Doug said...

Charting the Coming Holocaust ?, a grass roots organization?

The Sweetness and Light catches Ron Fournier of the Asscociated Press calling, the Soros-funded outfit, a "grass roots" political group. Right. I remember when the AP took pride in its even-handedness

- American Thinker

Doug said...

Move on Demographic?
GOP and the suburbs
Representative Mark Kirk, of suburban Chicago, is worried by the trend of inner suburbs (“inurbs”) trending Democrat,m while the fast-growing exurbs are strongly GOP. Fred Barnes writes in the Weekly Standard about Kirk’s plan to focus on issues which appeal to inner suburban families. It is well worth reading.

A lot of this shift is attributable to how skillful Bill Clinton was in the ‘90s painting the Republicans as a bigoted Southern-dominated party committed to strict social controls (especially about abortion), but also suggesting in a more subtle way that they were racist (opposed to Medicaid and helping the poor), and favoring big business over the environment.
- American Thinker