Friday, December 30, 2005

Those who understand will understand

If you have ever had a severe back sprain, you can answer the following quiz with no problem. Which activity is most likely to result in the worst back pain of your life?

A. Skiing to outrace an avalanche
B. Lifting a car to save a baby
C. Kickboxing competition
D. Bending over to pick up a piece of Pringles™ you spit out while laughing at your own joke.

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Unknown said...


As a matter of fact my back went out yesterday and it hurts to tie my shoes.

Morgan said...

E. None of the above.

It's definitely ironing shirts.

Jamie Irons said...

Terrye is right. The correct answer is "D".

Scientists have been working ovetime to perfect the "lumbarphilic" Pringle, ergonomically designed so that bending over to retrieve a dropped one does not strain the human back.

Some deride these heroes as dreamers, but these nattering nabobs of negativism are the same crowd that insisted Mary Mapes and Dan Rather were honest and objective journalists.

These scientists are also at work on a time travel device, cheap enough for any household, that would permit Terrye to tie her shoes before putting them on.

Evolution, or the good Lord, may have done a lousy job of designing the human back, but science will not rest until we sufferers are able to pick up Pringles and tie shoes with the insouciant bravado of your average six-year-old.

Jamie Irons

chuck said...

Scientists have been working ovetime to perfect the "lumbarphilic" Pringle,

I just carry a stick with a bit of gum on the end. A quick chew, a poke, and, voila, my pringle.

Actually, I have been lucky. No back problems yet. (knock, knock)

Charlie Martin said...

Opening the backlog of amazon boxes.

Doug said...


Doug said...

After a lifetime of woe, and after nearly killing myself recently with Ibuprofen and procrastination,
("Well sure I'm white:
I'm Scotch,
The Hospital???"
"Yeah, but your LIPS are white.")
I went to a competent Physical Therapist, and Voila!
Cured for life, so far.

Doug said...

Incidentally, both my wife and a friend our age were also recently "cured" with the PROPER excercises.
(different for all three:
Wife is too limber, I'm a stiff.)

I look back on how prejudiced I and fellow biological scientists were toward PT.
...but I'm sure none of Jamie's colleagues are! ;-)

Doug said...
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Doug said...

With microsurgery will they be able to replace disks with the "lumbarphilic" Pringle?

Doug said...

Larsen's WiFi is down again, he asked me to post this, sorry:
Yummy yummy, got love back of my Tummy.

Doug said...

I ruined my back picking up a Paul Bunyan Sized Lumbarjack Pringle.

Charlie Martin said...

To be fair, when I do my pilates, by back doesn't give me a bit of trouble.

Doug said...

To which your back replies:
"Be Fair to Me, Dammit!"

buddy larsen said...

WiFi is back up, Slandering Pineapple.

What you folks have to realize is that the human back was not designed to walk on all fours.

buddy larsen said...

...which we'll hopefully remember after the holidays....

Doug said...

New Years Resolution:
Make a Resolution in the New Year.