Thursday, December 15, 2005

Election Day In Iraq

Pajamas Media will be providing periodic updates from Iraqi correspondents in Iraq as the day progresses.

The stories posted by the Pajamas Correspondents are very compelling.

Iraq The Model - Wednesday evening

Hammorabi greets the new day.

Legacy Media


Washington Post

New York Times


Luther said...

Damn, I can't really imagine what it would feel like to be an Iraqi citizen at this point. They truly hold their future in their hands (or their purple fingers.) Awesome. I would like to thank GWB and our military for their efforts and sacrifices in achieving this milestone. No matter how it ends up. We tried.

Syl said...

yes! Go, Iraq!

I feel like a mother giving birth! LOL connection in Richmond is almost dead. Other reports on the boards, Comcast still claims there's no problem. May be scarce for a while. Been going on most of the day.

Oh, and somehow I lost all my cookies. :(

vnjagvet said...


Not to worry. NPR was on the case. Annie Garrells from Fallujah reported on the 3:00PM (EST) newscast that there was a complaint that one of the voting venues had too few ballots and the some of the ballot boxes were too small to hold all of the ballots;).

Sounds like Ohio last November to me.

Must be a Rethuglican cabal.