Saturday, December 10, 2005

White Flag Democrats

The GOP has released its new ad, Retreat and Defeat.

The Democrats do not like it, not one little bit.


Syl said...

The Democrats believe the MSM. That's why the New York Times (especially) is harmful to them. I think the Dems were blindsided by good news from Iraq and Bush's speech on Veteran's Day. It threw them into disarray and they still have not recovered.

Ceci (sp?) Connoly on NewsWatch tonite said that contrary to what critics say, the MSM follows public opinion, doesn't lead it, and public opinion turned against the war so they did too.

And so did the Democrats. (Symbiotic relationship if I ever saw one.)

Of course Ceci is wrong. Unless she can point to all the independent news sources the average American is privy to that made them turn sour on the war, I blame the MSM and call 'fowl' on Ceci.

The Dems have no special curiosity about what is really going on in Iraq and regard the MSM as the last word.

So if the Dems completely fall apart because they believe we are losing, we can blame that on the MSM too! I love it.

Doug said...

Thanks, Peter.

John Stewart Mill, of his own free will
on half a pint of shanty was particularly ill
Plato, they say, could stick it away
'alf a crate of whiskey every day
Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle
Hobbes was fond of his dram
And Rene Descartes was a drunken fart:
"I drink, therefore I am."

Yes, Socrates himself is particularly missed
A lovely little thinker, but a bugger when he's pissed

Somewhere between there and here, the Dems exchanged the Socratic Method for the Dingbatic.

Doug said...

insurgent campaign leader dies

Doug said...

"It was a tragic year for the Democratic Party and for responsible politics, in a way," McCarthy said in a 1988 interview.

"There were already forces at work that might have torn the party apart anyway _ the growing women's movement, the growing demands for greater racial equality, an inability to incorporate all the demands of a new generation.

"But in 1968, the party became a kind of unrelated bloc of factions ... each refusing accommodation with another, each wanting control at the expense of all the others.

Doug said...

"Instead of giving people a chance to earn a living, McCarthy said, the Great Society
"became affirmative action and more welfare.
It was an admission the New Deal had failed or fallen.

Barry Dauphin said...


So Ceci thinks that most of the public has some independent access to the events from Iraq other than the MSM. Well some of us do, but most people still follow TV news and radio and the large papers, etc. Ceci gives the word "disingenuous" a whole new meaning.

Unknown said...

Cici does not which comes first, the chicken or the egg.

Just this morning I caught the tail end of some report of Iraqi soldiers in Ramadi not standing to fight. And of course there were some complaints of ghost soldiers, etc.

This is Ramadi after all, some guy might be hesitant to shoot his own tribesman if he has to wonder if the US is just gooing to bug out in 6 months and leave him holding the bag.

I think that Casey is right when he says the Iraqis are getting better everyday, but the defeatists are feeding the fear of the Iraqis that we will abnandon them just like we did the Viet Namese.

Even the terrorists are using Viet Nam against us.

chuck said...

Rumsfeld's been making the rounds of news shows lately saying we'll probably bring down troop levels from 155,000 to 137,000 after the elections.

I thought that was on the schedule for at least a year and have been expecting it. But then, I try to be informed. Some of us, it seems, can't be bothered.

chuck said...

It doesn't fix any sewers or electrical substations and just undermines trust in the media in both countries.

Gosh, Mark, doesn't help fix sewers? Dean and Kos do I suppose? And you too? I don't think so, it is just a made up BS talking point for you that expresses no real conviction. Anyway, FreeIraqi had a good post on the stories in the Iraqi papers.

Syl said...

Mark has made up his own country. Filled it with imaginary people. And sent in an imaginary army to occupy it. The problem is the name he gave this country is Iraq but that name is already taken.

chuck said...

Nope Dean and Kos don't fix any sewers in Iraq. The Repubs control our government remember? As members of the opposition party it's their duty to oppose policies they see as wrong.

Cop out. First you raise the point, then disavow any responsibility. Sorry, markg8, sounds to me like you are just lazy and would prefer to rev your mouth than actually do anything.