Friday, December 23, 2005

"Compassion in Action"

When you see a Rastafarian-looking homeless advocate, you usually don't think Republican. Apparently, multi-millionaire retired attorney Milton Sidley never expected Ted Hayes to be a Republican, either. Sidley, you see, is the landlord for Dome Village, which currently pays Sidley $2,500 per month, plus property taxes, for the right to occupy the formerly blighted encampment site.

Unfortunately for the once-homeless who now live at Dome Village, the Los Angeles Times published an article earlier this month that mentioned Hayes's political leanings. Perhaps Milton Sidley--a partisan Democrat who contributed $4,000 to the John Kerry campaign in 2004--noticed the article: all of a sudden, the landlord has announced that Dome Village's rent will increase by over 630% when the lease comes up in late 2006. Each month, Dome Village will have to come up with $18,333 plus property taxes in order to stay afloat, or the residents will face homelessness once again.

According to a recent press release from Dome Village, when asked about the rent increase, Sidley replied, "This Democrat is tired of supporting Ted and his Dome Village."
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ex-democrat said...

peter - Hayes' village cricket team:

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Well, these limousine liberals, what do you expect? How many people really buy into the BS they put out about their great altruism? Kerry's the perfect poster boy for the type. Kennedy too, though most of them aren't murderers per se.

Doug said...

Al Queda Pays Homeless to Smuggle in Oral Nukes!
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Undercover detectives arrest suspects, including actor Brad Renfro.