Friday, December 16, 2005

"…he belongs on Mt Rushmore."

The full quote, from Chris Matthews: "If he [Bush] gambled on creating a democracy in the Arab Middle East and he does it, he belongs on Mt Rushmore."

This in the context of a conversation in which howard Fineman said the NSA thing was no big deal, but the Iraqi elections are.

We live in interesting times.


buddy larsen said...

Zell Miller must be nearby, with his dueling pistoles.

Syl said...

Chris is really so appalled that someone (Bush) would take a chance like this.

But when he ponders the (possible) result of Bush's policies, he does find it inspirational, exhilerating, and breathtaking.

Then Matthews usually falls back into the 'It will never wokr' camp.

But, indeed, there are moments of wide-eyed wonder.

buddy larsen said...

Syl, it could be just gas.

Pastorius said...

It isn't such an insane gamble as it seems, considering the American record. We have delivered Democracy to,

1) Ourselves

2) to the American South,

3) to Japan

4) Germany

5) the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Pretty good track record revealing the truth of the fundamental Western notion that all men are endowed with certain inalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

All human beings are created in the Image of God. Therefore, we are created to be free, reasonable, and creative. When we are given a chance to be so, we naturally respond.

Some will choose evil and bondage, but most will choose freedom.

That's the way it is.

Pastorius said...

Of course, it seems magical to a person who has no faith, such as Chris Matthews.

But, let me be clear, while it is not magical, it is wondrous, and it is beautiful to behold, and it does bring tears to one's eyes, doesn't it?

buddy larsen said...

Pastorius, good chills, lovely words and the things they mean. Yes, tears. The times they really are a-changing. It dawned on me today, it has been seven generations since the Civil War.

Rick Ballard said...

Better toss in the Phillipines and a number of central American countries from time to time. Panama all the time. Liberia sometimes.

buddy larsen said...

...and almost all freedom movements in the last two centuries that even without anything from America pulled it together drawing some degree of moral power from the crazy radical thing the Founders pulled off.

Charlie Martin said...

As long as we're throwing these things in, add most all of Europe; after the Treaty of Vienna, people thought for a while that monarchy was the natural thing, but after the American Revolution and the French Revolution, it never stuck.

buddy larsen said...

Good cherry picking, mark, I see you're down to snuff as usual. And, hey, *THANKS* for pushing the prez into democratizing the mideast--he wouldn't've done it without you, you're right, your support made the difference, and you get all the credit!

buddy larsen said...

Thanks for the pertinent info on Sistani.

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Charlie Martin said...

Well the plan originally was to find the WMD, decapitate the Baathist leadership and plant someone like Chalabi atop the government and go home wasn't it?

Nope. Next?

Charlie Martin said...

Mark --- the tag is an "anchor": Tag text.

Have a look at this cheat sheet, or check out the excellent w3schools tutorial site.

Syl said...

Good grief people. Why are you bending over backwards to help this clown? I mean he's been banned from more blogs than I've ever even read. And he doesn't know how to make a clickable link yet?

buddy larsen said...

ha--"bending over backwards" for Mark on his Arab buggery report...chuckles, Syl.

buddy larsen said...

three things in his favor
1) no need to view DNC site for latest GWB smear, it comes to you here--so, 'convenience'.
2) I forgot what #2 was gonna be
3) sets up really funny Peter UK posts

Charlie Martin said...

Good grief people. Why are you bending over backwards to help this clown?

'Cause we're better than he is, and he's amusing practice for if we ever get one of the well-paid trolls.

buddy larsen said...

Peter-"why reply, then?"--ar har har--

Clarice--I'm going to look--been meaning to read that site--(I'm so glad Anthony Hopkins didn't hurt you, BTW)

Mark, "reign", not "rain".

buddy larsen said...

Trangbang68--yes, but a new and very able generation is growing up under Wretchard's tutelege--and needs room to open up.