Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good News from Afghanistan

KABUL - Afghanistan’s first parliament after nearly three decades of brutal occupation, war and harsh Taleban rule is due to convene on Monday in the final step of a transition to democracy launched four years ago.

US Vice President Dick Cheney will head the guest list at what officials have promised will be a “glorious” opening ceremony in the newly renovated parliament building that was ruined in the 1992-1996 civil war.

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Although the New York Times and friends want badly to maintain the fiction that everything is going to hell under the Bush administration, there are still at lot of good things happening. We should not allow ourselves to be sidetracked by the latest phoney scandal.


Doug said...

Sounds like our comrades,
The Democrats:

Dec. 18, 2005 (Xinhua News Agency delivered by Newstex) --
Losing candidates term Afghan parliament as illegitimate.

"A number of losing candidates on Sunday termed the first Afghanistan's parliament in three decades as illegitimate and called on people not to support its resolutions.
"The people of Afghanistan are not obliged to endorse any resolutions approved by the parliament as it came into being through fraud,"

Flanked by some 40 losing candidates and comrades, Bezhan also expressed his opposition to the government-initiated privatization policy, saying it would further increase the gap between poor and rich in the war-ravaged society.

flenser said...

I had not realized that the Dem's had gone international.

buddy larsen said...

they *came* international.

flenser said...

Heh. Indeed.

Syl said...

Everything the world knows about democracy comes from America--including how to behave like a Democrat.


Which, for people used to violence, is actually a baby-step in the right direction.