Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh, the irony!

Apparently, Ramadi is better equipped for democracy than at least one US city:
Blanco: NO elections


Rick Ballard said...

"as soon as practicable" nice subtlety there but an election is already practical as well as praticable. By what authority would Nagin's term be extended? Executive fiat?

"As soon as we figure out how to refill the moat." is more like it. I don't think she can. The rent seekers have dispersed to other cities and found that Mother's Day will occur regardless of location. The New Orleans moat was not well tended to begin with - extraordinarily dangerous really.

Rent seekers are by definition apathetic - where is the incentive for them to return? What sort of bribe will Blanco be able to come up with to get them to return to what was the most dangerous of the Democratic moats?

The true stakeholders are already back or on their way back. I imagine that they could come up with a way to hold a fair election.

Mayor Nagin's decision to move to Dallas seems well founded.

Unknown said...

I would not say it will be with nary a peep, they will just blame Karl Rove.

Yesterday CNN did a story on people in New Orleans living in barns...guess who is at fault?

So whether or not the locals get it together may depend entirely on whether or not they are forced to assume responsibility.

Charlie Martin said...

Another one of the running talking points we've been seeing recently is the notion that Bush et al would somehow prevent elections and hold power past Bush's elected term (see, eg, this post, and the Slate aricle quoted therein.)

Now, compare this to Blanco's action, stopping an election the Democrats are likely to lose, or the last-minute replacement of Torricelli by Lautenberg in New Jersey. Add to this the election-fraud accusations, and compare them to actual convictions for election fraud in the last election.

It's striking just how predictive moonbat accusations toward the Republican Party can be of actual Democrat tactics.

I wonder if we should be concerned about Democrat hacking of Diebold voting machines?