Sunday, December 18, 2005

One Way Trip to the Torture Chamber

Believe it or not I heard those words on the lead up to the Colts football game.

The announcer said in a disarmingly chipper voice to tune into 60 Minutes and hear about the secret CIA plane...was it a one way trip to the torture chamber?

My feller laughed. It was that silly.

And it struck me that we are getting to the place where media is absurd, surreal, banal, take your pick.

60 Minutes will do a fake but accurate story on a secret mission about torture.

Of course, it is not secret, there is no torture chamber and 60 Minutes is more about entertainment than news.

When I was younger I never missed 60 Minutes or Face the Nation. However, speaking of torture, I would consider sitting through either one of them to be just that today. And so I shake my head with disgust, my man friend laughs at the sheer stupidity of the tune in to torture lead in and it dawns on me:

Who watches this stuff? Most people I know are more concerned with detention of terrorists turning into R&R for terrorists than they are with a mass murderer suffering sleep who are they doing these socalled news stories for?

I have a step grandson who is going to be 4 year in February. This is the first Christmas he has really got into. His safety is my concern.

I have to admit I am more concerned about the fact that media uses classified information to sell books and advertising than I am with the delicate sensibilities of a terrorist who would gladly put a bomb in one of the toys I bought my little man for Christmas.

I bet that is true for a lot of other people as well.


buddy larsen said...

What is a one-way trip to the torture chamber?

Watching 60 minutes.

From CBS, which stands for "Complete Bull Sh*t".

Gary Gross said...

"And it struck me that we are getting to the place where media is absurd, surreal, banal, take your pick."

Why pick and choose? Wouldn't it just be easier to say D, all of the above or E, all of the above plus a couple more that'll come to mind soon?

I've adopted 3 rules at my blog: (A) If it's being reported in the Agenda Media, only trust the quotes; (B) in no way do you trust the analysis; and (C) trust the Right blogosphere to clean up the Agenda Media's messes.

buddy larsen said...

Good rules, Gary.

I think the lead about the torture chamber triggers the "F-word required" rule:

"What the @#%* did he just say?"

chuck said...


What is a one-way trip to the torture chamber?

Dying in front of the TV.

My feller laughed. It was that silly.

G*d, I wish I could do that. I'm still boiling mad and feeling a deep urge to spit on someone. It's an Al Gore moment and it ain't fun.

buddy larsen said...

Well, it's a GOOD damn thing you didn't just see Harry Reid on tv. Good Lord almighty--that's the SENATE MINORITY LEADER doing nothing else but selling out the war.

Rick Ballard said...

"I have a step grandson who is going to be 4 year in February."

And I have nine grandkids dating from next week (C-Section) to 13 and I'm going to vote for the party that seems more devoted to making the penalty for supporting terrorism the loss of the entire state. At the moment, the Dems aren't in the running. Multiply me by a few tens of millions and you might wonder when the Dems are going to stop shoveling.

Stuck on Stupid doesn't really cover it.

neuroconservative said...

Stuck on Stupid = Stuck in the 60's. There are still many baby boomers (and too-hip X'ers) who are inclined to think the worst of the US government. While numerous, these are still a minority. Fortunately for us, they never seem to realize this, despite the consistent election returns. They would prefer to believe that all of these elections are stolen, with the help of the "right-wing media." At this rate, 2006 should be a good year. I wonder who will play the role of Max Cleland?

buddy larsen said...

Any terribly wounded partisan with a vested interest that overrides everything else, will do.

Syl said...

Torture Chamber = Having to listen to Levin on MTP.


buddy larsen said...

The core insult is that these National Leaders must--must, because there is no other way--actually call meetings, and sit around tables in rooms and discuss the possible lies they can use, and planning them out carefully, with rebuttals to each lie carefully re-rebutted.

IOW, it is necessary that they conspire to so defraud the American--nay the world's--people. And to do so face to face in plenary meetings (on our dollar, to boot).