Saturday, December 31, 2005

U.S. Base in Germany Closes After 60 Years

U.S. Base in Germany Closes After 60 Years

I was at Rhein-Main the day of Reagan's inauguration; that is, the day the Iranian hostages were returned.

No word from Congressman Murtha's office on the delayed pullout of our troops in the German quagmire.


buddy larsen said...

The one good geopolitical effect would be on whatever bad guys in Eurasia might be having an attack of ugly dreams. Our central Europe bases surely complicate life for those ugly dreamers.

chuck said...

By the way, I am still convinced that there is, generally speaking, more freedom of expression in Iran than France.

I wouldn't try to make that argument. I agree that the official organs, most radio, television, and some newspapers, are quite circumspect. But if you read some of the discussion forums you will discover that the French love to talk and they are not nearly so much in lockstep as the Germans appear to be. France is at the center of Old Europe and I suspect as France goes, so will the rest. France is slipping into hard times, decisions need to be made and things could break rather suddenly. So let us not write off the French but rather support those sparks of sanity that remain.

buddy larsen said...

Same atcha, Peter--and everyone else, too!

Auld Lange Zyne or however it's spelt.

Charlie Martin said...

David, if you're going to convince me that France is less free than Iran, you're going to need to find some examples of, eg, mentally impared teenaged girls being executed for premarital sex in Marseille. Or Canadian reporters beaten to death by the police in front of the Ministry of Culture.

I just don't think this argument is supportable.

Charlie Martin said...

My remarks are severely restricted to the free expression of ideas.

Then you should have said so, shouldn't you?

(By the way, this is insupportable too, at least until you can display the person openly beaten to death in front of the French Ministry of Culture by the police.)