Thursday, December 15, 2005

What if...

Israeli Lieutenant General Moshe Yaalon has indicated that Saddam moved chemical weapons to Syria several weeks for the start of the war. General Yaalon's position in the IDF was roughly the equivalent to the US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Whether his assertion can be proven in the near future is unlikely. If strong evidence could be presented and Syria called to account for it, there would be a tremendous swing in US public sentiment. Half the fun would be watching the boomerang of some of our senators, among others. Some of them would suddenly remember what they said in 1998.(hat tap K-Lo at NRO)


vnjagvet said...

With all of the disinformation swirling in the Middle East and throughout the blogosphere, caution is certainly warranted.

Surely, those who want to continue the meme that "Sadam had no WMD" (which defies the uniform intelligence reports even of countries such as France and Russia, as well as circumstantial evidence, and common sense) will not be persuaded by an Israeli General.

That said, I believe his sources are better than Howard Dean's, John Kerry's and Nancy Pelosi's are.

We'll see.

vnjagvet said...

And that information, Knuck, will come out eventually if history is any indication.

I suspect there is some knowledge somewhere in DOD which, for one reason or another, has not yet come to the fore.

Some of this type thing went on in WWII with the "final solution". That was not one of the casi belli, nor was it among the major propaganda points made to the general population by the Office of Strategic Information, the Department of War or the considerable major Hollywood effort to "win the war".

Even Eisenhower (according to his biogragphy at least) was astonished when he witnessed the horror of the concentration camps as Germany was physically invaded and after the German surrender.

The point is not everything gets out (nor should it, necessarily) during armed conflict.