Monday, December 12, 2005


Someone had to have some.

Superbowl Sunday. All other world controversies are temporarily knocked off stage by Janet Jackson's nipple. So great is the nipple's disruptive field, scientists wonder if it might have power to slow the spin of hurricanes or stop the mutation of deadly viruses.
An oppressive colonizer is forced to withdraw from occupied Arab land. This is initially met with dancing in the streets of Cairo, Paris, and Turtle Bay. Then everyone realizes it is Syria pulling out of Lebanon. You must understand that the Cedar Revolution, after years of Syrian domination, has nothing to do with the American presence in Iraq, you jingoist. It's just one of those international coincidences like the moon being where it was when Apollo 11 flew past. A few months later, Israel voluntarily withdraws from Gaza, earning approximately 17 seconds of goodwill from the international community. Personal best!

The Iraqi constitution, a Middle East milestone, is approved. But hey! Over there! It's Britney and her new baby! Everybody grab your cameras and run after her! Dang: false alarm. Anyway, what was that about Iraq? Right: They chose their own rules of governance. Yet statistics show voter participation is down significantly from 99.99 percent in Saddam's day, to 60 percent.

That is by no means all.


flenser said...

My favorite line;

"It’s difficult to believe you live in the best of times when Hollywood recreates The Dukes of Hazzard and the producers are not stoned in the public square on general principle."

markg8 said...
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markg8 said...
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markg8 said...

Watching that Superbowl halftime show made me think they were trying to appeal to high school dropouts. Who told Kid Rock he could sing anyway and why was that American flag shirt he was wearing considered patriotic but when 30 years ago Abbie Hoffman wore one it was considered a crime. I got up to pee before Janet Jackson came on.

So Israel expected more applause for leaving Gaza than Syria got for leaving Lebanon? Geez all Assad got was a "go to hell and don't pass go and give us your brother in law too" from the rest of the world. Don't know if you've seen it Seneca but the Izzys have warned the US recently that destabilizing Syria might not be such a good idea. Better the devil you know than having a failed state terrorist playground next door and all that. You think our guys might be getting a little ahead of themselves when Sharon's people have to try to rein them in? We're back to dueling carbomb murders in Lebanon. Not a good sign.

I wish they'd put a "should the occupiers leave" question on the ballot in Iraq. Regardless of your opinion you know it'd increase turnout.

buddy larsen said...

MarkG8 at the Last Supper:

"Can you say "dullsville"? And the food--I've eaten better as a fire hydrant at the Westminster Dog Show. Resurrection? Ask the crickets that these so-called fishermen so enjoy spearing through the guts on their fishooks--see how many of THEM believe the shpiel. No, really, you'd think this famous carpenter could've at LEAST built me a chair I could sit in without the 'roids acting up, but noooo! I don't know, this whole righht wing farce you might buy it but not yours truly, bread and wine? Hah, gimme a plywood and sauerkraut ANY day. This holy crap sucked SUCH a bag, as IF!"

ex-democrat said...

"So Israel expected more applause for leaving Gaza than..."

can you actually read? where does it say that "Israel expected" anything? it's a comment on what israel got, not what it expected.
no, seriously, can you not read?? or do you simply choose not to bother? if so, are you oblivious to the emptiness of your rhetoric? are you impervious to embarassment? or are you just contemptuous of the intelligence of others?
by the way, i don't need you to 'answer' any of these questions. i already know the answer better than you do.

Charlie Martin said...

Who told Kid Rock he could sing anyway and why was that American flag shirt he was wearing considered patriotic but when 30 years ago Abbie Hoffman wore one it was considered a crime.

Damned if I know.

I got up to pee before Janet Jackson came on.

Hell, I was watching and I didn't notice it.

terrye said...


Bitch.... bitch... bitch... bitch... bitch.... bitch.

You remind me of that back seat driver who never learned to drive but can not shut and let the guy behind the wheel drive the damn car.

bitch..... bitch

markg8 said...

ex democrat I'm glad you think you have all the answers. Is it only Seneca who feels Israel's disappointment? My guess is Sharon doesn't really care about his 17 seconds of adulation because that's not why he pulled out of Gaza anyway. I've heard he did it because he couldn't afford the openended oocupation for the benefit of so few anymore. Good for him. Now if Bush would only wise up as well. Imagine the investment money flowing into Iraq like it is in Gaza if it wasn't a war zone.

Sorry terrye I didn't know you were a big Kid Rock and Janet Jackson fan.

ex-democrat said...

"My guess is ... I've heard he did it because ..."

your discourse is beneath that of a gossiping fishwife passing time between episodes of "oprah" and "as the world turns."

It is not necessary to have "all the answers" to know your answers. Nor to have any correct answers, come to that.

markg8 said...

Well ex democrat I know how icky it must have been for you to even respond
but maybe you could swallow your gorge and give us your no doubt brilliant analysis on why Sharon pulled out of Gaza?

Not sure what you're trying to say in the last couple of sentences but it reads like don't have a clue and therefore prefer to just shoot yourself in the foot. LOL

buddy larsen said...

ex, ya gotta admit, the guy's an entertaining writer.

Mark-the-Snark, how about, "Sharon pulled out so he could fight AQ/Hamas/Hezbollah more efficiently"?

ex-democrat said...

as entertaining as a 3-day old cow pie, but somewhat less intelligent. it seems to have figured out that it can't comprehend what others are saying but hasn't yet learned to shut up while being spoken to. fortunately, the only skill required for harassing college kids by email is an utter lack of decency.

Peter UK said...

Did you notice that Mark was so excited he had to go to the bathroom before Janet Jackson's nipple flash.

Peter UK said...

Mook is a disappointed artist,an unfulfilled drummer,best he could do was one skin ,two skin, three skin and a bent cymbal

buddy larsen said...

Y'all better be careful--he's upgrading his computer.

markg8 said...

C'mon Buddy admit it, you're just a sucker for self inficted wound ripostes. As Delbert sings, "hell I didn't shoot him, he shot himself when he was trying to shoot me."

Wasn't aware Sharon had an Al Queda problem. Hamas yes, but AQ? Regardless moving his troops away from the enemy seems counter productive to continued warfare.

Out of curiosity what do you folks think of Sharon's new third party? You for it or agin it?

And ex those kids in the College Republicans who want to be the next Roves & Abramoffs deserve prison time not misplaced coddling for the way they ripped off old folks last year with their fundraising scams.

buddy larsen said...

Jeez, Mark--do you have a dedicated research department? How inconsequential does something have to be, to escape your eagle eye?

Go to Gaza City, and holler "Screw Al Qaeda!"--let's see if the two million hits on googoo are just 'make-ups".

"...moving his troops away from the enemy seems counter productive to continued warfare."

Oh, come on--really--let's pretend that our little groupings of words refer to situations that exist.

Sharon is giving PA what it wanted, and now PA will have to play nice, or--bereft of "hostaged" settlers, fight Israel as a hostile state. And Sharon can then fight back by those rules.

Why are you so upset by the "freeing" of Gaza? Lose an issue, did you?

Peter UK said...

What's your opinion of the Zionists Mark?

buddy larsen said...

Peter, you'll get the "Matt Taaibi Blow-off" to that question: "Huh? Did you say something?"

Peter UK said...

Taibbi is a class act if you don't want to use the stage after he's gone

markg8 said...

No dedicated research dept, most of it's from memory.

Sharon is giving PA part of what it wanted, if it's coupled with continued land and water grabs on the West Bank I doubt they'll be all that grateful. I think getting out of Gaza is a good realistic move. Sharon knows Israel can't remain a Jewish state if it's got more Arabs than Jews.

Still no answer on Sharon's third party? Who's more Zionist Petey? Likud or Sharon's party? Everybody get down I think his head's gonna explode.

I still don't know who Matt Taaibi is. Why does he hate the pope? Must be an Anti Semite. Is he related to that other strawman you were all so upset about Ward Churchill? What about the War on Christmas? They'll have to pry MY Christmas tree out of my cold dead hands! Or take it away from the curb after it starts to rot and smell bad.

buddy larsen said...

Trees don't ever smell bad, Mark, no matter how rotten. Haven't you ever been around a tree?

I don't know squat about Sharon's third party. I like sharon, tho--he fights for sanity and civilization.

What's your play, here?

buddy larsen said...

Not getting christmas presents from Hamas, are you?

Peter UK said...

Nah! Buddy,the Mullahs send him a dime bag.

Peter UK said...

"Who's more Zionist Petey? Likud or Sharon's party?"

I'll leave it to you to google Mookie,the same as all the rest of the stuff you post,if you can remember after all that drug induced brain damage.

markg8 said...

Buddy try keeping a Christmas tree in a stand for about 8 weeks in front of a sunny south facing sliding glass door like I did once. I guarantee you it'll start smelling reaaal bad if you keep water in the bowl. It was like somebody threw up in there.

Peter UK said...

What sloppy living,you better look down the back of the sofa for the rest of the Jello.

buddy larsen said...

A little sugar in the water will extend freshness a week or three--but 8 is a long time. You shoulda told the judge about the tree, he might've let you furlough a few hours to go dispose of it.