Tuesday, December 27, 2005

'nuf said

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Syl said...

Yes, those who have delved into it are quite aware of that, David.

My point is that many of those who have, dare I say it, an agenda, are yelling about it out loud, but quietly relieved it's being done.

Doug said...

Believe it or not, the Times Published this.

Unwarranted Complaints
The only thing outrageous about President Bush's plan to collect foreign intelligence is the outrage itself.

vnjagvet said...

Syl has been doing yeoman service challenging Rider, a new commenter and very persistent critic of the NSA surveillance activities over at Just One Minute.

Keep up the good work, Syl!!!!

buddy larsen said...

Glad you mentioned that, vnjagvet--if I hadn't lost my WiFi all day, and had to wrangle this 2kb/hour dial-up, I'd meant to make reference to the same bravura performance!

Syl--the 'toon is WONDERFUL. And hits something true and totally original--never seen that point made anywhere else.

Syl said...

vnjag and buddy

Thanks. Boris and Kim and others have been superb. Great allies to have. I suspect that Rider may be just another pseudonym for previous manifestations of the same type.

BTW, this is the first time ever I've tried doing something like this and I can already see some ways it could have been more effective. But it was fun to try.

If I ever get the muse again, I may slap myself out of it. This took hours and hours, several renders of each frame, and many do-overs.

chuck said...

This took hours and hours, several renders of each frame, and many do-overs.

I'm looking forward to the Sunday panel ;o)

I like it when folks here post their artwork and poetry. It adds something original to the web. Thanks Syl.

buddy larsen said...

I agree, Chuck--it's the real thing.

Doug said...

Gogo Flo
Hip O Honeydo