Friday, December 16, 2005

Today's Democrat talking points, courtesy of Harry Reid

In my inbox yesterday:

...Remember, in virtually every arena, Republican leadership in
Washington has chosen to put their special interests (sic) friends
ahead of the broad national concern and to blindly adhere to
their right-wing ideology, even in the face of failure.

* While they offer nothing more than recycled slogans, violence
continues in Iraq and serious questions linger about whether the
Bush administration distorted or misused intelligence to lead us
into war.

* Despite repeated promises and ongoing suffering, the
administration continues to drag its feet on the reconstruction
of the Gulf Coast after the devastation wrought by this year's

* The latest round of tax cuts for millionaires forced painful
cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, and student aid, just when these
fundamental social programs are needed the most.

* They tried to privatize Social Security, threatening a hugely
successful program that millions of seniors rely on to make ends

* While oil companies are posting record profits, the
Republicans led the effort to pass an energy bill that does
nothing to cut the price of gas at the pump or to promote energy
independence in the coming years.


America can do better than this.

Only a Democratic Senate can force the administration to develop
a real strategy for success in Iraq and to work with our allies
to ensure real security for America in the face of international
terrorism. Only a Democratic Senate can advance an economic
agenda that focuses on educational excellence and opportunity
for every American, affordable health care for all, and a
commitment to retirement security for our seniors. And only a
Democratic Senate can address prices at the pump today and
ensure energy independence tomorrow.

With your help, I am confident that we can take back the Senate
in 2006 and achieve our agenda. Please make a contribution

Harry Reid



buddy larsen said...

If you analogize nourishing the nation as nourishing yourself, then Reid forgets the getting of food and the preparation of it, and the tastiness of the eating of it, to concentrate totally on the condition of the GI tract exit, in the brief moment after it is used, and before it is restored to pre-use condition. That's why he's not even a good ass-wipe.

buddy larsen said...

LOL, 5 lbs of cheddar--I'll be damned if i'm paying THOSE prices for toilet paper.

flenser said...

Thats an awful lot of factual errors to cram into a short speech.

The question is, does Reid get this crap from the markg8's, or do the markg8's get it from Reid? Or is it one big closed system of a circle-jerk?

Seriously, Reid comes acoss exactly like some moonbat troll on a message board, not as the highest ranking member of one of Americas two main political parties.

Rick Ballard said...


I have no complaint with Reid. His message (and Pelosi's and Dean's and Kerry's) are going to put their party in precisely the place it deserves to be.

Demsm readership/viewership continue to drop nicely, Dean is a disaster as a fundraiser and party leaders are putting forth a message almost as negative as it is incoherent.

I think that polite applause is the only logical response.

Nice job, Harry. Keep up the good work.

ex-democrat said...

peter - it's difficult to enforce a contract against a party that is clearly cerifiable.

buddy larsen said...

especially if his lawyer can't spell.

buddy larsen said...

ok, if 'your' lawyer can't spell. Good-natured lawyer-ribbing is one thing, putting you on the wrong side is quite another. Deep, profound apologies, ex.

buddy larsen said...

When Bush's No Child Left Behind testing and measuring finally catches up with the Dems--when they have more constituents not purpose-blunted by poor education--they'll never again get away with such thin anagogy.

buddy larsen said...

Peter, re your 9:54, you'd of hadda see it, Team America, F**K YEAH!

ex-democrat said...

you're right buddy - i misspelled. "party" should have been spelled "s-e-l-f-s-e-r-v-i-n-g-t-w-o-f-a-c-e-d-l-i-a-r."

Anonymous said...

I get the same kind of rot from John Kerry.

Charlie Martin said...

Another email promised me to help lengthen my male sex organ.

Oh, good, you get those too. I couldn't figure out how they knew to send them to me.

flenser said...


If evidence ever emerges that the Democrats and NYT are NOT working together, I'll sit up and take notice.

Syl said...

Yeah, but he left out their most important goal. Taking over Congress and impeaching Bush.

buddy larsen said...

Well, I hope if that happens, GWB will go ahead and "do" a few interns in the oval, lie to a few grand juries, sell out some prized military secrets, and amp up the terrorists, before the impeachment vote--just to make sense out of the 'get-even'.

Anonymous said...

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