Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Be Still My Heart

Armavirumque has a cheerful piece up [ht:Lurker] on the possibility that Keller et al may be getting closer to being measured for felony orange suits. Brylun covered Gabriel Schoenfeld's analysis of the pertinent code sction which the NYT violated in publishing the NSA story and AG Gonzales is sure being tantalizing in his comments.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that some enemies of America may be brought to justice soon.


Luther said...

From a layman's POV I see no reason why USC 798 would not be applicable in this instance, and I would dearly love to see it employed.

But it will come down to political will. The question, as I see it, is how much more can GW take on? After all, it would seem that, though righteous, those windmills on the horizon are becoming infinite in number. One has to choose one's battle's.

The truth is being worn down by the sheer quantity of BS. No quality involved. The MSM can run those presses 24/7/365 and blogland is still such a small minority of most people's intake.

buddy larsen said...

The roundel of NYT and CIA, conspiring to time leaks to jibe with whatever bit of news might can be tagged to it (and "avalanched"), for the express purpose of discrediting a president (and national policy and the war effort), is bad, bad, bad stuff.

The reason it exists is, in a moral sense it can be said to cross no "bright line", since such a leak game would've been the highest ethic under any number of history's dictatorships.

Oops, on second thought, there IS a bright line--if only in the rear-view mirror: such a regime would've long since dropped it's Kellers through the gallows already.

IOW, the ONLY moral rationale for Keller's "work" is disproved by the very fact that he freely indulges it.