Monday, May 29, 2006

Who Will Be Next?

The New York Times prints a tear jerker on Democratic Congressman 'Cold Cash' Jefferson. Apparently his slide from humble beginnings into vote selling is supposed to elicit sympathy of some sort. It will be interesting to watch what the Times will do when the 45 day 'cooling off' period elapses and Jefferson is indicted for the crimes he appears (on videotape) to have commited.

Given that Vernon Jackson, the man who confessed to bribing Cold Cash, began his involvement in politics with maximum donations to Loretta Sanchez it is quite possible that this investigation is going to nab more than just Jefferson. Speaker Hastert's strong objections to the execution of a valid search warrant are being justly ridiculed on a legal basis but remind me of B'rer Rabbits protestations concerning fear of the briar patch.

The 45 day cooling off period will expire 10 days before Congress takes its summer break (and begins the election campaign in earnest). The probable indictment of Jefferson and possible extension of the investigation into other vote sellers would provide a fine kick off to the campaign.

Howard and Nancy sure know how to pick the right issues.

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Aj over at Strata Sphere has an interesting take on Jefferson and Joe Wilson.