Thursday, May 18, 2006

Murtha's big Mouth

The Confederate Yankee has an interesting post on Murths's latest:

Ex-Marine John Murtha has taken the extraordinary step of accusing U.S. Marines of war crimes before a joint NCIS/Multi-National Forces investigation has been completed of an incident that occurred on November 19, 2005.

On that date, a U.S. Marine convoy in Haditha, Iraq was hit by an IED, killing Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas and wounding two others. After the explosion, the Marines stormed nearby building and killed 15 people inside, three of them children.

read it all.

What is happening to people? Have they completely forgotten how to conduct themselves in public discourse? These men in uniform have been accused of premeditated murder by a member of the US Congress who says he is a supporter of our troops. He did not even bother to let the courts decide the issue.

Remember the soldiers? The young men and women in harm's way in lovely places like Iraq and seems that many on the right have even forgotten them and the war they fight. But so far at least they have not accused them of being war criminals.

It is as if there is no sense of how to behave anymore. Anything goes, there are no natural or unnatural barriers to free speech. If you feel the need to say it...just blow off and the consequences are of no importance.

Well, stay home disgruntled Republicans and let people like this take over the government.


Pastorius said...

I am being serious when I say, I think we have to wonder if Murtha may have something wrong with his brain. For instance, people can have small strokes which effect a very small part of the brain, and can thus have very specific behavioral consequences.

When my father had a stroke, he suddenly became a very emotional man, given to sentimental crying spells. I have never seen him cry previous to that.

Could it be that Murtha has lost his ability for self-censorship? Or, could he have lost the ability to keep his ego in check?

You must admit, he does not look well.

Unknown said...


You may be right, and you are right. I have seen strokes, and sometimes medication, change people's personalities as well.

brylun said...

I absolutely agree with your conclusion.