Sunday, May 07, 2006

Exotic Foods

It's quiet today, too quiet. So, just to liven things up here is some food for thought. First up, a suitable homebrew replacement for viagra: cobra whiskey. Yes, now even the deadest fellow can rise up and strike when the situation demands. Cheers.

But what if you can't abide snakes? Must you lanquish quietly? Fear not, for each there is the proper poison. May I suggest the famous green scorpion whiskey? If you survive the whiplash sting astounding vistas of desire will open before you.

It is generally considered a bad thing to drink on an empty stomach. So while sipping these fine cordials why not munch on a selection of roasted insects with assorted Cheliceriformes?

Best of all, these foods are all imported and you need not fear the derision that the sophisticated would heap upon you if you were so gauche as to serve peanuts or popcorn.


Eric said...

But how are they with rice noodles and some hot sauce?

When, culturally, one is so used to eating certain kinds of food, such examples of what other cultures find edible is always a rude shock.

And I can't even stand my wife's preference for ketchup on scrambled eggs.


Green Stone said...

I reviewed this on Liquor Log. Ack. Wasn't so great, but we got someone to eat the scorpion.