Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where do you fall?

I fell like a combination of them all myself. The answers might surprise you.


David Thomson said...

“General population” polls are next to useless. One should care less about any polling not directed solely to likely voters. I still think that when push comes to shove, the Republicans have the edge in November. It is my guess that a 52-48 plurality exists in the red states demanding an emphasis on stopping more illegals from entering the country. We can work out the details regarding those already here at a later date.

“The welcoming. "The most sympathetic of any group toward illegal immigrants and the most likely to believe their removal would hurt the economy. The only group that thinks dealing with illegal immigrants already here should take priority over border security."

Trust me on this, these folks are likely blue staters. They don’t really count. We can pretty take it for granted what they will do on election day---and you can be relatively sure they won’t be supporting Republican candidates!

Knucklehead said...

Well, what this Guaranteed Voter wants is measurabel movement in the proper direction.

For starters, the issue of illegal aliens in the country didn't just pop up like a weed yesterday or on Jan. 21, 2001. It has been building and festering for many years and it isn't going to get solved anytime soon. We're wasting time and hot air right now rather than moving toward dealing with the issues.

The borders are far too porous and need some serious securing. I do not support turning the US into an armed camp or creating the modern version of the Great Wall or the American Iron Curtain.

We need some generalized recognition that while crossing the border illegally is a crime and hiring people who are not authorized to work in the US is a crime they are misdemeanor crimes and we do not generally wreck people's lives for misdemeanors. Especially when the laws in question have long gone enenforced against all but those with the resources to enforce them for themselves. Any "crackdowns" that are launched need to be done with a sensibility that many Americans will view as coddling with kid gloves. This is similar, in scope, to "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours." Many Americans are all for a "crackdown" on employers and will be until it hits home that it is their neighbors being cracked down upon and themselves who feel the pinches. Then what they wanted will suddenly be labeled draconian or fascist. I don't think the average American calling for tossing "employers" in jail or fining them out of business has even a remote clue how deeply that would effect their lives. Crackdown on people who traffic in human beings and tread gently with people who just trying to make a danged living.

terrye said...


I agree. I don't think people realize that it could be their own jobs that go along with the other guy's.