Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Lorie Byrd has left polipundit. I never read the blog, never even heard of it except in Terrye's comments, but dropped by to see what all the talk was about. Anyway, read and weep, especially the comments. Tell you what, if that sort of stuff shows up here it will be my personal duty to get out the pooper scooper and send it off to keep markg8 company.


Eric said...

Wow. That's fargin' nasty in the comments over there.

Even my wife, who thinks Bush is a dolt, was forced to admit that what he said last night at least sounded reasonable.

Eric said...

I'm sort of inclined to agree with that.

I had the misfortune to be in social circle that included some 'militia' types in the early 1990's.

Those people did more to discredit themselves than any opponent real or imagined ever could.

Syl said...

I can't get into the site right now. Well, from hints (not so subtle) that Terrye has been dropping I knew the path Polipundit was going down.

I'm glad Lorie Byrd left for her sake.

Unknown said...

Lorie is a class act. She is always rational and respectful...which is more than can be said for the Buchaninites.

Maybe they got drunk with power when Miers dropped out, I do not know but these people are more interested in being assholes than they are in coming up with a compromise that can pass and do some good.

I guess the Iraqis should not be faulted for a refusal to be rational when it seems our own people can't manage it either.

oh yes, I forgot, I blame Bush. If he would just wave that magic wand of his....

Unknown said...

The truth is I wonder if anything will happen on immigration. These people will not compromise and the Democrats will use that and refuse to give in and in the end we will be right where we are...how does that help? I would think that if these morons really believe we are being invaded they would want to do as much as they can to stem the flow...but no...they would rather see no immigration reform, no increased border security, nothing at all if they can not have their way.

So that means this is not really about immigration at all. It is about power. And right now they are making Republicans look as if they are not up to the job. Bush tried to be reasonable...but I don't know how much support he will get.

Eric said...

In some ways I think the President is telling all the extremists (left and right) to go jump.

The problem with that is that the moderate actually have to step up to the plate and get something done, and I'm not sure they're up to it.

Unknown said...


That is why they are moderate.