Sunday, May 14, 2006

Remember the war?

I don't mean the one with Mexico.

Iraq the Model has news of some interesting developments in Iraq:

Politicians here were saying last week that a government would emerge within no more than a few days and I was hoping they were right this time but obviously they are going to request some more time…as usual.

A few issues are complicating the talks; Fadheela Party announced their boycott to the negotiations of allocating cabinet posts; meanwhile Salih al-Mutlaq's Dialogue Front is most likely to stay out of the formation as well. Of course this is in addition to the already existing points of difference regarding some major posts.

These two blocs comprise 26 seats in the parliament, that's roughly 10% of the legislative body of Iraq, that's why such boycotting would undermine the image of the government that bigger blocs want to be viewed as a unity government.
So there are two options before the bigger blocs; one is to ignore the boycotting blocs which may damage the image of the government before the public and also may not be seen as an acceptable option by one or more of the bigger blocs. The other is to try to persuade the Fadheela and Dialogue to end the boycott and come back to the ne
gotiation table to figure out a compromise but this will certainly consume additional time which is exactly what we don't have much of.

He also has a post concerning weapons smuggled into Iraq from Iran. Shocking.

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2Hotel9 said...

At the 3 year mark Iraq has not done bad in forming an elected government. The clash of egos is not helping, and the Sunnis demanding to be returned to the controling majority while being in fact a small minority is not helping. All that said, I think they are actually going to do it. Which is really pissing off Iran and Syria. Iran will continue to work at undermining any stable government in Iraq. That is a given. Syria sees itself in major trouble, back when no one cared what went on in the region they could do as they pleased. Now the world is paying attention and their house of cards is collapsing around their backstabbing ears. There is a warm wind blowing through the region, change is happening. The end result is still in question.