Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Revealed

Truepeers can rest easy. Here we get a view of the fascinating interplay on the set of the blockbuster movie The Da Vinci Code as Wuzzadem presents The Da Vinci Code: New And Improved.

HT: The Llama Butchers, who also provided the pointer to the English quiz below.


buddy larsen said...

Dan Henninger has some fun:

(ellipsed to style-lessness)Here's my theory of "The Da Vinci Code." Dan to thinking: "I wonder if there's any limit to what people are willing to believe these days...?

Barry Dauphin said...

Hey, Buddy, good to see you! I was worried we'd have to send Tom Hanks to look for you :>)

buddy larsen said...

Ha--"Saving Private Beetle Baily"?

Syl said...

I don't get what the big deal is. I read it. I considered it fiction. Never gave it a second thought.

Why is everyone so defensive?

As I said, I just don't get it.

Syl said...

::waving to buddy::


Knucklehead said...

I've been getting some mild entertainment lately from "All Da Vinci Code, All the Time" on the airwaves.

I know that "blockbuster movies" are always hyped to a nauseating extreme but this movie seems to have broken through to a new level. Last evening it actually became something of a game for me clicking around the TV channels. There were no less than four channels running Templar This or Opus Dei That or Freemasons the Other Thing programs and one couldn't click through the Talking Heads without getting at least some snippet of Da Vinci Code blather.

I had no idea that the very air I breathe is rationed (and mind control additives carefully mixed with) out from massive underground tanks with valves at the fingertips of the world's four 87th level MasterMinds who are, of course, obedient drones of the the world's three 94th level MasterMinds who are, of course, obedient drones of the two 98th level MasterMinds who, of course, do whatever the 99th level Mastermind tells them to do (and ONLY what he tells them to do).

It is fascinating to finally get a clue about how the system REALLY works. All those years of careful study of ancient wisdom and secret, powerful mysticism, using all your wit and genius to rise through the ranks to... give blind obedience to the whims of the guy who knows the next move in the secret handshake. No wonder it has all held together and stayed secret and omnipotent for these 1000 or more years.

My favorite little exposure to "controlling how the language is used" came a night or two ago while watching bits and pieces of a History Channel piece on the Knights Templar during commericial breaks from the ballgame. I couldn't help noticing that in the segment where the KT's were on the rise they "brutally slaughtered" their defeated opponents but in the segment where they were on the wane, the KTs who were defeated were "customarily put to the sword". Nicely done there, History Channel.

Those KT's were darned remarkable. Even when King Philip and the Pope were having their leaders and assets siezed and the mindless underlings were wondering how to live until the sun came up tomorrow they still managed to run off to the alps, defeat the Austrian Emporer's Legions, and from the Swiss Banking System.

That Turk dude had no idea how lucky he was to run up against the one and only 101st Level Grand Poobah of All Knights Templar who was a flaming, petty dolt rather than any of their lesser knights or squires who could out-think and out-fight all the kings men (and Popes, of course).

buddy larsen said...

Syl, I was gonna say "hi" back (and compliment those fleshtones you're getting on your site) but then I read Knucklehead and am gonna have to run a quick check instead on all the corners and under things and anywhere else around here where something might be something else. O HOW i luv the Dark Ages!

truepeers said...

Chuck, I can't rest easy, after hearing that the MSM now considers 9/11 a conspiracy. This is where this line of thought is taking us. Of course, it's nothing new. When I was at university, mostly what they taught was conspiracy theories - Marx, Foucault, the Nietzschean will to power explained all.

Syl, of course, doesn't fall for this crap. But what about the ruined lives of all those who do?

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