Friday, May 26, 2006

Catherine Seipp on Cindy Sheehan & Dear President Bush on National Review Online

You still have to wonder about the absolute moral authority of someone who considers the mass slaughter of civilians justified if it means her own particular soldier son might still be alive.
Catherine Seipp on Cindy Sheehan & Dear President Bush on National Review Online


buddy larsen said...

Very few--very, very, few--things of this world are beyond parody. That woman has managed it, though.

Rick Ballard said...

The inept sloppiness of her handlers is reason to be of good cheer. Without the KGB giving aid, American Marxists have proven rather remarkably inept at developing icons. Granted, Sheehan isn't much to work with but the real Commies would have done a better job. They would have tidied up (masked, actually) her more glaring logical faults.

Zinn has done a lot more damage than Sheehan could hope to do. What a pustulent boil of fraud that sucker is.

buddy larsen said...

People such as Zinn are akin to the jihadi terrorists--in that the more vile the act, the better it demoralizes the discipline of decency. Thus even the old Mafiosi "honor among thieves" is too bourgeois an expectation. You couldn't even give these people a donut and a coffee without them spitting the last bite and sip back in your face, mixed with Lord knows what all microbes.

Unknown said...

This woman is pathetic.

This is why people hate the war, not because they agree with Sheehan but because they find her sad and pitiful and just want it all go away.

From what I heard on Fox there may be a new story about Americans killing civilians in Iraq. That will make Cindy's day.