Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kind of makes you wonder who the base really is

I know who thinks they are the base, but at the Corner there was mention of a CNN poll which stated 79% of the people who saw the President's speech on immigration were favorable to the speech and the support for Bush's immigration plan went from 42% to 67%.

Maybe some folks just think they are the base.


Anonymous said...


I was wrong wrong wrong on Schiavo. I admit it. But I am not really prolife. I work in health care and I have patients like that and the thought of starving them just was more than I could bear.

But the base should not have dragged Bush into it. That is when his numbers began to decline.

chuck said...

I suspect the key in how this works out is follow through. It was a good speech, now there has to be real action. Bush tends to stand aside from the congressional debates, I think he will need to get his hands dirty this time.

chuck said...

I see that Powerline thinks we were suckered, poor ignorant souls that we are, and just didn't understand how bad Bush's plan really is. Oh, and of *course* the numbers for Bush's plan went up, they were so low that all he had to do was open his mouth to improve them. Heh. Gotta be right, 100%, all the time. It's not like the great pundits could ever be in error.

Syl said...

Powerline peaked with the TANG forgeries. Then they flexed their muscles in local Minnesota stuff.

That's all fine.

Except it went to their heads.

There are other bloggers like that--all over the place.

Five years from now other bloggers will have bubbled to the top as the current crop loses some of their mojo. I can't be the only blog follower who has changed her reading patterns.

That is, if this is truly a free market of ideas. If the landscape doesn't change much over the next few years, I'd look for a flaw in the system.

chuck said...


Except it went to their heads.

Well, in a way, they have a point. I tend to go along because, by and large, if folks don't cooperate nothing gets done. I think most people are like that and that is why they will generally support the president if he asks for their support. It takes pretty shocking incompetence and a lot of convincing before I will walk away. So I probably wouldn't make a very good football coach ;) No Lombardi, that's for sure. But if everyone is adamant that things have to be done their way, nothing gets done. It's just a bitch, eh.

Eric said...

I thought the Powerline guy was off his rocker. I mean, its not like he's ever run for office, is it?

I stumbled on the Corner yesterday, and Derbyshire impressed me as a whining schmucko. What a tool. Legends in his own mind.

Anonymous said...


I do not feel I was personally wrong, I still don't think that just letting people die is the thing to do. I just can not do it myself. Where I was wrong, was in expecting and encouraging the President or the Feds to get involved. They could not stop what was happening and save a life and all that was accomplished was that people felt they were being intruded on.

See what I mean?