Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Count Me In

AJ makes a good point:

Kadima American Style

Well, as some on the right begin to become completely indistinguishable from the KoS ranters and DU ego-maniacs, it seems it is possibly time to establish not the RINOs, or the Moderates Conservatives (sounds like we are sleepy and cannot establish a firm position), but now is the time for the Serious Conservatives. Conservatives who are passionate and compassionate, dedicated to progress but who don’t threaten to destroy everything we have achieved on the right just because we don’t get our way. People who want to see a conservative future embraced by all, not demanded or dictated or forced upon people. Embraced. Folks who believe in community and family and respect of others, who would never deride people for being different, or being from outside our country, or being Arab or Mexican or any other ‘group’ just because we face challanges in their region of the world

read it all.


Unknown said...


The last time I visited polipundit's website he said the president could go eff himself.

I have been on sites that openly called for Operation Wetback. The hatred is palpable and one thing about the internet is that it can make people feel like they are part of a huge movement. Right now a lot of these folks are bragging about ruining Bush. I wish they were just a fraction and maybe they are, but they don't know that.

I would not be surprised if the teacher said that. After all people say stupid things some times.

I was not so much interested in that comment, as I was in AJ's larger point. The conservatives need to banish the Buchananites again... or at least get them under control.

Syl said...


Don't tell US, tell the people at Polipundit!