Monday, May 22, 2006

Hell Is Where You Find It

And Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna posts another piece by Fjordman that strongly suggests that Loki has managed to free himself and has adopted the nihilistic dystopianism beloved by the New York Yimes to bring Ragnarok to pass so that the Swedes can find their very own in a socialist Niflheim.

Not exactly what Marx and the New York Times promised but it is all that they are capable of providing.

PS - There are some very good links in the comments at Gates on this piece concerning the marriage of Marx and Mohammed as blessed by Gramsci.


Anonymous said...

Less spine than the Viking Kittens.

truepeers said...

The wages of sin... St. Paul knew more, it seems, than the Swedish elite. Or maybe not, maybe the Swedish left know they are killing their nation and do it because they hate the yobs. It sounds a bit like Canada, where the only public hint of racial pride that is allowed is from a rather queer hockey commentator who rags on Swedish imports for not having the true fighting spirit.