Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is a good question

With his usual charm Dennis the Peasant asks a good question:

LaShawn Barber is calling for George Bush's impeachment.

[Not that anyone in a position to actually impeach George Bush gives a flying handshake, mind you.]

Why, you ask?

For not keeping all them nasty Brown Folks in Mesko.


Call a me spineless librul, but I can't fail to notice that we're well into George Bush's second term.

Or that the South o' the Border Situation hasn't really changed that much from the days of Clinton, or Daddy Bush, or Reagan, or Carter, or...

Which leads me to this painfully obvious question...

Why now?

War on Terror?? What's that?? We are too busy worrying about the invasion of the roofers, nannies and fruit pickers to concern ourselves with Al-what's its face. Just throw the bum out and lay some land mines at the border.

This is beyond the silly season, it has become the insane season.

I am beginning to wonder if someone is paying some of these people.


Unknown said...

Yes, I would not want to piss him off.

Syl said...


Thank you for your optimism. I'm serious about that. But stuff like this many conservatives are doing is stupid, silly, paranoia, nasty, counterproductive.

Not only that, they can drop their dreams of being a longterm majority party. They should look at the demographics and remember there will come a payback time.

Second loose talk about impeachment just makes what Nancy Pelosi is drooling for sound more sane. Well, the Republicans are thinking of it too, so what's so scary about it?

This kind of talk plays right into the stereotypes I grew up believing. And we know which side will play this up as just that.