Sunday, May 07, 2006

When did Goss resign?

May 6: "WASHINGTON — Porter J. Goss, onetime spy, newspaper founder, Sanibel Island mayor, and southwest Florida congressman, unexpectedly quit his latest, thorniest job Friday [StY: 5 May] — director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

"He offered no public explanation for his resignation, triggering the usual speculative frenzy on the airwaves and in the corridors of power."

"About the CIA" at CIA.GOV: "Porter J. Goss became Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on April 21, 2005. He served as Director of Central Intelligence from September 24, 2004, until April 21, 2005."

Emphasis mine.

Update: Okay, duh. I'm short on sleep -- I was thinking this was 2005, not 2006. Goss was no longer DCI after the new organization came in; his title then changed to "Director of the Central intelligence Agency".

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Unknown said...

Picky Picky Picky.

Why is it a guy can't just get fed up and quit?

Anyway, right now Republicans and Democrats are like are out to get Hayden.