Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dogs have masters ...

... cats have staff.


Unknown said...

I share my home with two cats. Females...mean..watchful.

But sweet.

Great picture.

Luther said...

Cat blogging seems to be the rage today. Even Jeff G. Great picture and (as a staffer of one) true words!

chuck said...

...I had to pull ours off the trunk of a tree just as she reached her paw inside a birdhouse.

Bad staffer! Bad! Bad!

When mine is hungry she puts her paw on my face and lets the claws out a bit, just enough to sorta gain traction and wake me up. This is usually about 5 AM after completing her early morning walkabout. So I push her away, but she seems to think it's worth trying anyway.

Syl said...

Larry King is not a cat person--at all. He had Patty Reagan on who's just written a book about her two cats. Larry thinks she has lost her mind.

Anyway, one doesn't discipline cats, one explains the situation to them. They either accept your explanation or not. :)

But now (not personally knowing horses) I can understand how a horse can be trained to respond to the most subtle of movements. I can, while petting my cat, push almost perceptibly in the direction I want her to go. Right now. And she does.

Cat's can be 'disciplined'. It's all in the persuasion. If they agree, they 'obey'.

truepeers said...

And those Chartreuses have a little extra attitude, i think because the French used to breed them for fur :!)

vnjagvet said...

We have four female feline foundlings (all "saved" and brought home by several daughters). One black, one white, one black and white and one calico. True diversity.

My wife and I were always dog people, as were our respective parents.

But we are now on staff as we were intended to be.

Much contentment.

Seneca, the pic is perfect.