Thursday, May 11, 2006


Bush says that is what is wrong with us all. Just plain tuckered out.

Is he right?


Syl said...

I think it's true. But some got tuckered out a while back and hopefully will get a second, third, wind.

I go away myself sometimes. This politics business isn't the entirety of life.

Right now I'd much rather be doing new pictures, blogging about cats and DAZ Studio and all things Poser, learning how to do 3D Modeling, learning how to best utilize the new surface properties now available in Studio.

I need to figure out how I can get a couple hundred bucks a month so the last ten days isn't potato chips and tuna fish. I'm so tired of this.

But I always come back and get involved again.

Unknown said...


Yes, there is more to life and sometimes we forget that and lose our perspective.

A couple of hundred bucks does not sound like much until you do not have it. I can remember selling empty coke bottles for a nickle but those were the old days. I had a paper route too, when I was grown I mean, not the kid kind.

I would say babysit, but that means screaming kids...

Barry Dauphin said...


The link takes you back to YARGB.

I believe that there is a kind of fatigue we are dealing with. I don't think it is the only thing, but it is there. The WoT involves tolerating and managing a great deal of ambiguity. It can be very hard to discern signal from noise. During the Cold War, the society could (or at least did) entrust the function of "vigilence" to the military and spy outfits. Although we still entrust them with those functions, the nature of the enemy is different enough that we all must exercise those functions to some degree, and we are all affected by this (even something as simple as screening at the airport).

Second, many people, largely on the left with some on the right, are extremely suspicious of these institutions (i.e., military and spies). So we (Americans) fight with each other while simultaneously trying to watch for an unpredictable enemy. All forms of perpetual vigilence take their toll, but this is a double whammy. I believe that bin Ladenists and Islamists, such as the Iranian nutjob President, are deliberately attempting to foment internal dissent in the US in the hopes that we are left with fewer resources to watch for signs from the jihadists. I think that the Iranian nuclear issue is even more important than their obtaining the bomb. They could provide al Qaeda with nuclear material once they fully develop the capacity.

On top of this, we had Katrina and its aftermath. This is a lot to handle. Everyone needs a break at times. When you take a break, you always want to be sure that stuff will be OK in the meantime and everything will remain as you left it. Do we really feel that way now?

Morgan said...

I think Bush is tired.

Unknown said...

I am sorry about the link. I did the cut and paste thing, it usually works. I will try to find it again.