Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Katrina - A Different View

Lou Dolinar has an excellent article over at Real Clear Politics that provides insight into how well the first responders in New Orleans performed with a bit of contrast as to how poorly the MSM performed. His only error is in evaluating the MSM as news providers when they are in fact propagandists. Their propaganda efforts cannot be faulted.

The performance of the Coast Guard, the National Guard and the Regular Army during Katrina was exemplary. I believe that Dolinar is a bit more critical of FEMA than necessary, given that FEMA does not promise that relief will be immediately available - every report I have seen makes clear that the first 72 hours are the responsibility of the local and state response teams.

I also think that he is a bit too gentle with Blanco who may well have been aware of the actual situation at the Superdome but made no effort to correct the blatant (and successful) propaganda efforts of the MSM (including Fox, which I no longer watch).

With the results of the mayoral election announced, I believe that the good citizens of New Orleans received far better treatment than their attention to civic duty warrants. Any locale that re-elects Nagin and Democratic Congressman 'Cold Cash' Jefferson deserves a very large portion of whatever distress due to governmental mismanagement befalls it. I wish the citizens of New Orleans no ill but they deserve the absolute minimum of federally supported help.


Unknown said...

It is a shame that the work and effort of so many people will go unnoticed because of the lousy job the press did covering Katrina.

I think most people are onto the press by now to tell you the truth.

chuck said...

I find it impossible to believe that they are so insular that they don't know they flat out lied through their teeth..

I can believe it. People can believe really bizarre stuff that they never question because everyone they are around just "knows" it is true. I see a lot of that sort of thing in newspapers when I read them.

Katrina was when I stopped reading Jeff Jarvis, the man was hysterical and off the wall. I am sorry to say I lost a ton of respect for both him and his profession as a result.

buddy larsen said...

Instapundit's latest comment ends with what he thinks the MSM may've learned from their imperfect storm coverage: "...what they learned was that if they all shouted lies in unison they could drive Bush down in the polls."

This is bitterly so.

buddy larsen said...

OT, but must see, the disturbing face of American Empire (scroll down for pic).