Thursday, May 11, 2006


That is exactly what these leakers and their fellow felon journalists are:

Liberals are jumping up and down about USA Today's publication of another leak relating to the National Security Agency. It's considered a news flash that the NSA is collecting data on phone calls, with the cooperation of almost all of the major telecom companies, to look for suspicious patterns. This is a "data mining" project that does not involve listening in on conversations, but merely identifying phone numbers involved in possible terrorist communications.

They even told them what carriers do and don't cooperate. If there is another attack and people get killed, I wonder if these folks can be charged with aiding and abetting mass murder in the first degree?

Via Power Line .

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chuck said...

...maybe the prospect of a few scribblers hanging off a yardarm is necessary.

Oh, I don't know. I think tar and feathers and a long rail should do the trick. 'Course the modern approach would be to just sue the b*st*rds. I really do wonder if these folks have a legal exposure to civil suits if an attack takes place. I can see it now, the liberal papers all promoting tort reform with either a cap on awards or simply a free pass for certain foreign nationals, aka journalists.